Primary Healthcare Grants

Seton Institute focuses its grantmaking program on primary healthcare projects of Catholic Sisters in less developed countries.

But what is primary healthcare?

A declaration put forth at the International Conference on Primary Health Care at Alma-Ata, USSR in 1978, primary healthcare affirms comprehensive, universal, equitable and affordable healthcare service for all people in all countries.

Primary healthcare covers a broad range of health and preventative services, including health education, counseling, disease prevention and screening, proper nutrition, adequate safe water supply and basic sanitation, maternal and child health, vaccination, appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries; and provision of essential drugs.

But above all, it avows that access to basic health services is a fundamental human right.

Despite our best efforts, inequities in access to health services remain between rich and poor, urban and rural. In many places, the gap has widened. Until that reality changes, we stay committed to supporting the Sisters and their works in primary healthcare.

Our Primary Healthcare Grants

Our grantmaking program aims to build healthier communities and reduce health inequities for those people living in abject poverty without access to basic health services or a healthy environment.

In the United States, we raise funds and awards grants.

Throughout the year, we receive written grant proposals from Sisters in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Our grant review committee reviews the proposals and makes recommendations to the Seton Institute Board of Directors to award grants to projects that best fit our mission.

Since 1985, Seton Institute has made more than $12 million in grants to primary health projects in the developing world. We are proud of the investment we are making in the world’s future.

What we fund…

Health Education & Training, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Medicine, Mother & Child, Nutrition, Water & Sanitation