Medical Supply Shipments

Throughout the developing world, thousands of Catholic hospitals and clinics represent the only healthcare option for many of the world’s poorest populations. They serve the forgotten who live in dense urban slums, gritty border towns, isolated rural outposts…and anywhere in between. But regardless of their location, these health facilities share one common goal – to protect the health and well-being of their communities.

Seton Institute’s medical supply shipment program aims to provide life-saving medicine, equipment and supplies to these under-resourced Catholic hospitals and health clinics that often have nothing but compassion to administer. The Sisters keep us consistently informed of their needs. We liaise with our hospital and other US-based aid partners, who alert us when they have supplies available. And working together, we make the shipment happen.

Seton Institute’s medical aid shipment program has grown steadily in recent years. Since 2000, Seton Institute has shipped or partnered in shipping 173 ocean containers worth over $27 million to Catholic hospitals and clinics in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

And Seton Institute is proud of the ‘greening’ impact our medical shipment program has on our world. Our shipments contain many useful, reusable medical supplies and equipment that would otherwise end up in our already overflowing landfills. So not only are we saving lives in less developed countries with our shipment program, but we’re also protecting our planet.